Q&A: I had my breasts done about 7 years ago. How much will it cost to have a new implant put in?

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I had my breasts done about 7 years ago and want to have a new implant put in. How much will this cost?

- Leslie


William Georgis, M.D. -

The answer to your question depends on a lot of factors.  Do you want to change the type of your implants?  That is, if you currently have saline filled implants do you want to change to silicone gel implants?  Do you want to have larger implants to replace your current implants.  Is there a problem with your implants.  I am afraid that I cannot give you a solid answer since costs would vary with the reason for the implant change.  Different procedures require different amount of time and difficulty, which would affect the cost.  

--William Georgis, M.D.
Rockford, IL


C. Magassy, MD, FACS -

Dr. Magassy has vast experience with breast implant exchange and will tailor the procedure to meet your individual needs and desires. 
The typically costs for an implant exchange would be $6800.00, not including anesthesia or facility charges.  During your consultation with Dr. Magassy, we will provide you with a more inclusive quote for your procedure.  In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to call me.  The entire office is dedicated to giving you the best plastic surgery experience available.
Ann Winship
Office Manager

--C. Magassy, MD, FACS
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