Q&A: I had clips put on my tubes five years ago. Could I still get pregnant?

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I got clips put on my tubes five years ago I am 31 could I have the surgery and have a successful pregnancy ?

- Denise


Wendy J Schillings, MD, FACOG -

Reversing a tubal sterilization done with clips can be performed more frequently, then if a patient had tubal sterilization by fulguration (burning) technique.  Testing to determine the location of the clips needs to be done first.  If the testing shows that there is some tube connecting to the uterus, then a surgical procedure called a laparoscopy is performed.  This surgery will help the doctor to determine if there is long enough normal fallopian tubes, to connect together, after the clips are removed.  It is also wise to test if your ovaries are still functioning, as well as testing your partner’s sperm.  This testing would confirm if you are actually able to become pregnant, after having reversal surgery. Success rates for pregnancy are slightly higher when the surgery is performed through an open incision in your abdomen, instead of laprascopically.
All tubal reversals have some risk of ectopic pregnancy.  If the ovarian function, sperm characteristics and final tubal length are normal, the reversal procedure can be very successful.  InVitro Fertilization (IVF) can also be considered, as another option, rather than the reversal procedure, especially if the testing of the ovaries or sperm shows that either is not functioning normally.

--Wendy J Schillings, MD, FACOG
Allentown, PA


Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey -

The answer to your question is  YES. Please give us a call to schedule a  free phone consultation.

--Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey
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