Q&A: I am 51, but I have lots and lots of lines, wrinkles. What is the best solution?

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Genetically, my face looks just like my mother's. I am 51, but I have lots and lots of lines, wrinkles, etc. on my face - the skin is very soft. What is the best solution? What is the cost? 

- Connie


Cynthia M Poulos, M.D. -

If the wrinkling is that extensive, I find that surgical treatment tends to be the best solution. This could mean a facelift, possibly eyelid or even brow lift surgeries. There are also minimally invasive laser or injection treatments  that could help. In other words, there is no one best solution. Facial rejuvenation recommendations involve an detailed consultation /evaluation to best serve your needs. Therefore it is impossible to put a defined price on a plan until you are seen in person.

--Cynthia M Poulos, M.D.
Northborough, MA


Remus Repta, MD -

Hello Connie,
There are a few options available to improve the appearance of your skin.  Aging results in changes to the skin but also to the fat and tissue under the skin.  Skin resurfacing can address the fine lines, face lift can address the jowls and neck looseness, and fat grafting can address the loss of volume that is often seen with aging.  The cost can vary based in the treatment.  Skin resurfacing with a laser is about 2000, a face lift is about 10k, and fat grafting is about 5 k.  You will be served well by having a handful of consultations with board certified plastic surgeons. 
All the best,

--Remus Repta, MD
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