Q&A: How much would it cost to get ear lobe surgery?

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How much would it cost for my ear lobes to get surgery because they were stretched to a double zero. I have them out for about a year now and there almost closed. They are open just enough to barley see through them but I need them to be closed all the way for the military. The left one is the only one you can see through so that's the only one I need done.

- Zane


Brian Windle, M.D., FACS, FRCS(C) - LocateADoc.com

Ear lobe repair surgery is a fairly simple procedure that can be done with just a little bit of local anesthesia.  It takes about ½ hour and generally costs $600 per ear (in our office) but it could be a little more if there is extra work involved like reconstructing the shape of the ear if there are large gage holes. 
I hope that helps.

--Brian Windle, M.D., FACS, FRCS(C)
Kirkland, WA


Andrew Pichler, M.D., FACS - LocateADoc.com

Torn ear lobe repair is $350.-

--Andrew Pichler, M.D., FACS
Carmichael, CA


Marcus L. Peterson, MD FACS - LocateADoc.com

Dear military candidate,
The gauge ear defect is becoming a common earlobe repair.  This is done with local anesthesia in my office procedure room.  The total cost for one ear lobe is $350.
Feel free to write back with questions or call and set up your procedure.

--Marcus L. Peterson, MD FACS
Saint George, UT

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