Q&A: How much is a normal breast lift without implants?

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How much is a normal breast lift without implants?


Glenn Lyle, M.D. - LocateADoc.com

I charge right around $7000/ This includes everything- OR fee, anesthesia, my fee, all pre and post op care. You do have to pay for a pain prescription.
hope this helps!

--Glenn Lyle, M.D.
Raleigh, NC


Eric P Bachelor - LocateADoc.com

Hi Laura,  There are many different types and degrees of breast lift procedures. It really depends on your anatomy and the degree of drooping you have.  I would be happy to see and examine you to determine which procedure would be best for you.  At the time of the consultation my staff would be happy to provide you with the fees for the specific procedure, operating room, anesthesia, etc. ( The range of cost is generally between $2600 and $6500)  I hope this helps you.  I look forward to meeting you.

--Eric P Bachelor
Pleasanton, CA

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