Q&A: How Much Does Saline Verses Silicone Gel Enlargement Cost? And What Is The Difference?

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How Much Does Silicone Verses Silicone Gel Enlargement Cost ? And What Is The Difference?

- Kim


Eric P Bachelor - LocateADoc.com

Hi Kim,  I think you were probably asking for the difference between saline (salt water) filled implants and silicone gel filled implants.  The difference in cost between the two procedures is generally the difference in the cost for  the two different implants (approximately $600)  The actual cost of the procedure varies depending on the facility used, the use of local anesthesia versus general anesthesia, the local of the practice and the experience of the surgeon.  The experience of the surgeon is probably the most important criteria in making your choice of where to undergo surgery.  In my area, breast augmentation using saline implants and local anesthesia with sedation in an outpatient surgery facility runs approximately $6200.

--Eric P Bachelor
Pleasanton, CA

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