Q&A: How much does it normally cost to re-shape my teeth?

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Hello, I currently have braces and my current dentist filed my teeth and I am unhappy with the results. How much does it normally cost to re-shape them? The bottom front 3 are little because he filed them a little too short.

- Morgan


Lannie Devin, DDS - LocateADoc.com

The charge for reshaping teeth can be quite variable.  If this is the only thing being done for that particular patient, we charge 25-40 dollars a tooth.  Often, however, if I'm already working on the front teeth to place fillings, I might do a little cosmetic reshaping of the adjacent teeth for no charge.  It just makes the final result better and makes the patient happier.

--Lannie Devin, DDS
Idalou, TX

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