Q&A: How long after having an elongated ear piercing closed can I have the ear re-pierced?

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I want to have an elongated ear piercing closed. How long after having this done can I have the ear re-pierced?


Kenneth D. Dembny, M.D. -

Torn ear lobes are fairly common and we see them frequently. They can usually be repaired in a straight forward manner using local anesthetic.  If the tear extends all the way through the edge of the ear lobe then we just repair it. If the lobe is not torn all the way through then we would have to decide if it would be better to close what you have, or complete the tear and then repair it. Most times we are able to repair the tear so that you can wear a small post immediately after surgery. This earring must stay in for several weeks while the repair heals. The other option is to repair the ear lobe and allow about four months of healing before re-piercing the ear lobe. Best wishes.

--Kenneth D. Dembny, M.D.
Wauwatosa, WI


John P. Kalamaris, DO, FAACS -

Since ear repair is a surgical procedure, the ear needs time to fully heal.  You would want to wait a minimum of at least 6 weeks before repiercing.  Remember not to wear heavy earrings that pull down on the lobe from now on.  

--John P. Kalamaris, DO, FAACS
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