Q&A: How Effective is Stem Cell Therapy (PRP) when Combined with Hair Grafts?

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I have been taking propecia for a few years which has helped with my hair loss, but as we know will not fully prevent it. Now, at 35, I have been looking into actual grafts. I am considering getting 1,800 grafts to the crown and middle my scalp, along with this "PRP" treatment. I was wondering how effective the 2 are together? I was sold that its like fertilizer and more effective when combined. Thoughts? 

- Sean


Edward E. Dickerson, IV, M.D. -

Human blood contains products that is essential and has specific growth factors that assist in tissue regeneration and healing.  It has been used extensively in these specialties for the last two decades with generally positive outcomes and success. In the field of hair restoration, existing evidence demonstrates PRP therapy as a promising treatment option to promote hair growth. In combination with a hair transplant the success rate is increased.

--Edward E. Dickerson, IV, M.D.
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