Q&A: How do we start the tubal ligation reversal process?

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I have had my tubes tied for 11 years now. I have bluechoice insurance through my husband. Wewant to have children and wsnts my tubiligation reversed. Will the insurance cover some of the expenses and how do I start the process?


Wendy J Schillings, MD, FACOG - LocateADoc.com

To start the process, you would need to set up a new patient appointment to discuss your particular situation.  Then testing would be performed to test ovarian function, uterine factors and evaluate if how likely it would be for a tubal reversal to be successful.  Then we would determine if it was wise to proceed.  IVF can be considered depending on these tests.  Insurance typically will cover the workup but not the treatment.

--Wendy J Schillings, MD, FACOG
Allentown, PA

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