Q&A: Getting Invisalign or Braces, are the x-rays mine to take to multiple doctors?

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I am 55 an looking to have my lower front teeth straighten. I have just gone to one doctor and had some xrays and was given a price for either reguler braces or invisaline. I would like to get some other opinions and pricing . Are the xrays mine to take to other doctors or do I have to pay for additional xrays each time?

- David


Lannie Devin, DDS -

In the state where I practice (Texas),  the State Board requires the dentist to maintain the radiographs (x-rays) in his records.  By law, they are property of the dentist.
In my office, we will send the radiographs directly to the other dentist with the understanding they will be protected and returned to us. 
I hope this helps.

--Lannie Devin, DDS
Idalou, TX


Barry Jason, DDS -

The law advises that copies of patient records must be given to the patient upon written request. A reasonable copying fee can be charged if the office does so.

--Barry Jason, DDS
Mount Vernon, NY


James M. Crouse, DDS -

Hi David,
You should be able to get a copy of the x-rays to take to other doctors. You should not have to have x-rays taken again if you have current ones.

--James M. Crouse, DDS
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