Q&A: Does Laser treatment work for baggy eyes?

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I am wondering if Laser treatment works for baggy eyes. I have seen reports about this, some positive and some not.


Celibre Laser Skin Care -

As you have seen from reading online reports, not everyone is happy about their laser procedures for eye rejuvenation.  This is because not everyone is a good candidate for laser treatments.  Some may be more appropriate for surgery and others for injections.  The only way to know if you are a good candidate for laser treatments around the eyes is to see pictures.  Questions we would have are – Is it the upper lid or lower lid that is baggy?  Is it a tired appearance under the eyes that is a priority?  Is the skin under the eye too loose for lasers or injections?  All of the answers factor into the recommendation for treatment, but we cannot say without seeing a photo which would be best for you.  We do know that lasers are a good option for the right candidate. 

--Celibre Laser Skin Care
Orange, CA


Remus Repta, MD -

It all depends on what the "baggy" component of the eye appearance is caused by.  Ultherapy is more likely to be beneficial as a non invasive eye lid rejuvenation treatment.

--Remus Repta, MD
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