Q&A: Considering Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation instead of Implants?

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I am inquiring about a procedure that entails transfering fat from one part of the body (stomach) to another (breasts).  I would like to know if such a surgery is possible, the name of the procedure, estimated cost, risks involved, and any other information you are willing to give.  My goal in researching this type of procedure is to have more natural looking and feeling breasts.  I have had two breast augmentation surgeries to achieve the size I want. I have gone from a small A-cup to a large D-cup with saline implants. I am very pleased with the results, compared to my appearence prior to the surgeries.  However, it is obvious that I have implants when my breasts are touched and they are also very round. My plastic surgeon explained to me that this would be the result, I'm just wondering if there is anything that can be done to make my breasts look and feel more natural.  I also would like to reduce the size of my breasts from my current D-cup (with implants) to a C-cup. Please let me know what you can about the procedure I mentioned and anything at all that may help accomplish my goal.  Thank you very much.

- Irene


William Georgis, M.D. -

I think your main question is how to make your breasts look and feel more natural.  I think that silicone gel implants would give you a much more natural look and feel.  They minimize the extreme roundness and unnatural water balloon feeling that is common with saline filled implants.  I don't think you would be happy with fat injections to the breast.  In my opinion they fat injections won't give you the excellent fullness that can be achieved with silicone gel implants.  I would recommend that you speak with your plastic surgeon about downsizing your implants and switching to gels.

--William Georgis, M.D.
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