Q&A: Can you do low level laser therapy on an injured knee?

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Can you do low level laser therapy on an injured knee, consisting of a complex tear of the lateral meniscus, and the anterior horn is almost completely extruded from the joint space, with loss of articular cartilage along the lateral facet of patella?

- Mary


Dr. Joe Nunnari, DC, AASP - LocateADoc.com

Hi Mary,
the Cold Low Level Laser which I use in clinic can be used to treat many conditions such as knee injury.  It's safe and can be quite effective, especially in acute injuries.
Thank you for the question.

--Dr. Joe Nunnari, DC, AASP
Germantown, MD


Jordan Kopcio, DC - LocateADoc.com

You can although it may not be very effective. A better treatment option is Prolotherapy for that condition.

--Jordan Kopcio, DC
Mesa, AZ


Lyle Zurflu, D.C. - LocateADoc.com

Hi Mary, We could certainly try laser therapy on most any injury but the real question is...how much good would it do?  With the injuries and degenerative changes you have described, I doubt if it would be of benefit to you.  

--Lyle Zurflu, D.C.
Bend, OR


Kimberly Carozzi, DC - LocateADoc.com

It sounds like it is definitely a surgical case.  I would speak to an orthopedic surgeon.  We use Class 4 laser therapy on acute conditions like yours  - it is more powerful and works quicker.  The class 4 laser works extremely well for pain and inflammation control and can be done in conjunction with other treatment – including pre and post surgical conditions.

--Kimberly Carozzi, DC
York, PA

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