Q&A: Can you advise on the treatment for Candida? I am suffering. What can I do?

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Can you advise on the treatment for Candida?  I have tried the diet plan, probiotics, and medications - everything works for a brief period of time and it then comes back.  I have gone to specialists in my area; and treatment is only temporary.  I am suffering.  What can I do?

- Carissa


Jeffrey Scott Gorodetsky, MD - LocateADoc.com

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, Candida Syndrome is a very controversial and difficult to diagnose condition, and is also difficult to treat. Without more knowledge of your previous diagnostic tests or treatments, it would be difficult to offer anything specific. You certainly want to be checked for any underlying medical conditions and immune system problems, as true Candida is actually very uncommon in generally healthy adults. There are many other medical conditions for which it can be mistaken.

--Jeffrey Scott Gorodetsky, MD
Stuart, FL

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