Q&A: Can shake weight exercises cause veins to appear on hands and arms?

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I have been doing the shake weight exercises to firm my arms for about a year now. I have noticed veins appearing on my hands and some on my arms. Has the shake weight exercises caused this?

- Eugenia


Steven M. Gitt, MD, FACS -

With increased exercise, there are increased needs for vascular inflow and outflow. It is possible that your new veins are associated with increased exercise but there is nothing to be concerned about here. Thank you very much.

--Steven M. Gitt, MD, FACS
Phoenix, AZ


Lauren Hollingsworth Chavez, MD -

Hi, Eugenia,
As you build muscle and lose weight in any area, veins can become more prominent. There's no health risk for this (it can actually help, in an emergency, to have easily accessible veins!)
There are some doctors who will inject veins in the hands to make them less prominent. However, for the above reason, it's not something we do or recommend!
I hope that helps! :)

--Lauren Hollingsworth Chavez, MD
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