Q&A: Can laser remove hair on my chin and lip from thyroxin?

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my dr recently put me on thyroxin. Since then the hair on my chin and lip have started growing fast. its not black hair its light in color. can laser remove this hair?


Brent Agin, MD -

Not common for this to happen with Thyroxin therapy and would make me wonder about other hormone imbalances. Lasers can take care of hair that has pigment but more importantly is finding out why the hair growth has occurred. 

--Brent Agin, MD
Clearwater, FL


Dima Ali, M.D. -

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately, lasers are not yet effective for the light or peach fuzz hairs.  There are pigmenting agents on the market that help but it's a very tedious process that ultimately only works for a small percentage of the hairs.  But if the hair has even a bit of color and you are fair skinned it could potentially work and may be worth a try.
I hope this answers your question!

--Dima Ali, M.D.
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