Q&A: Can I get my tubes fixed after being burned so I can have another baby?

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I got my tubes cut and burned about 11 years ago almost 12 years ago and I'm 32 years old. Is it possible to get my tubes fixed so I can have another baby

- Melodie


Scot Hutchison, MD -

Hi Melodie,
Unfortunately, when the fallopian tubes are cut and burned there is very little healthy fallopian tube left to be put back together. For a tubal ligation reversal to be successful, there must be a reasonable length of healthy tube to work with. Added to the issue is the time since the tubal ligation. Your best option for pregnancy following this type of tubal ligation is in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer. IVF bypasses the fallopian tubes and in your age range can be a very successful way to achieve pregnancy. It also has some advantages over tubal ligation reversal: a) it is less expensive than tubal reversal surgery b) there is very little risk of complications like ectopic pregnancy and c) there is no need to use contraception once you are finished with child bearing.
You can find information on IVF and tubal ligation reversal on our web site.
I hope this information helps you.

--Scot Hutchison, MD
Tucson, AZ


David Hill, Ph.D, HCLD -

Hi Melodie,
Thanks for contacting us.  My physician partners would very likely tell you that reconnecting your tubes for the purpose of trying to become pregnant again is not as good an idea as going forward with a cycle of in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer.  At your age, the odds of it working are very high indeed.  If you live near us, we’d love to help you with this process.  If you don’t, let me know and I’ll tell you how you can search for a clinic near you.

--David Hill, Ph.D, HCLD
Beverly Hills, CA


Subodh Chauhan, MD -

Tubes that are burnt and cut typically affect the whole tube. So surgery would not be possible to restore its function. The tubes have to normal length and be able to pick up the egg to help with pregnancy. A better option will be to do IVF and transfer the embryo directly in the uterus.  It will also decrease the ectopic pregnancy rate.
Hope this answers your question.
Good Luck

--Subodh Chauhan, MD
Sugar Land, TX


Keith L Blauer, MD, MBA, FACOG, CPE -

Yes – tubal reversal can be an excellent option if you are young and have no other medical problems. Suggest that you have your partner do a semen analysis first to make sure it is normal.
IVF is also an excellent option for many patients.

--Keith L Blauer, MD, MBA, FACOG, CPE
Sandy, UT


Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Surgery -

Hi Melodie,
It really depends on how much of your tubes were cut and burned.  Our doctor would need a copy of your operative report from your surgery.  If the procedure is not reversible then IVF would be another option.

--Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
Bloomfield Hills, MI


Harry Hatasaka, MD -

Hi Melodie,
There are a couple of options when tubes have been tied, Tubal Reversal or Invitro Fertilization. Some tubal ligations cannot be reversed and so this is when IVF is a great option.
We are happy to consult with you.
We have 3 officesPlease give us a call with additional questions or to schedule a consultation.

--Harry Hatasaka, MD
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