Q&A: Can a tummy tuck help with my back pain?

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im 59yrs old female. my weight is 178lbs 5' tall. i suffer from back pain, had surgery 3 yrs ago but still have problems with it. it looks impossible for me to get rid of all the fat accumulated on my tummy since i cant exercise. what are the risks of having a tummy tuck and how long it takes to recuperate from the surgery. in how many days approx. would have be able to walk?


Pedy Ganchi, MD -

Tummy tucks are indicated for individuals who are of a healthy weight and are looking to trim extra skin after weight loss or pregnancies. It is not a means of weight loss nor a treatment for back pain. 
Also if you have significant fat deposits along the  abdomen a tummy tuck will not yield good results and proper healing.
It is difficult to advise you of your best options without an examination and medical history, but a tummy  tuck may not be your best option.

--Pedy Ganchi, MD
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