Q&A: At 70, I'm losing my sense of smell and taste and want to know if this is normal?

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I am losing my sense of smell and taste. I am 70 years old and just wonder if this is normal or can it be helped?


Marian Blaesser Kahn, DNP - LocateADoc.com

Thank you for your question. Yes, unfortunately, our senses wane as we get older. Decreases in vision and hearing can be assisted by hearing aids and glasses, but our other senses have no such remedy.
Be careful with a waning sense of taste, as many people try to adapt to this by adding additional salt to their meals. Try herbs and other spices instead.
If you smoke, it may affect your sense of smell more than if you don't. Quitting smoking at any age is beneficial to your health.

--Marian Blaesser Kahn, DNP
Royal Oak, MI

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