Q&A: Are butt injections better than butt augmentation?

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Are Butt injections better than butt augmentation?

- Sheena


Barry L Eppley, M.D., D.M.D. - LocateADoc.com

When you say buttock injections, I am going to assume you mean fat injections as opposed to black market injections of a variety of non-medical substances. The choice between fat injections vs. implants for buttock augmentation is an initial matter of whether one has enough fat to harvest to make a noticeable difference in their buttock size. If one does not, then implants are the only choice and will achieve a modest but permanent increase in buttock size with a significant recovery. If one has enough fat to harvest then this would be the preferred approach since the overall buttock size increase will be bigger, the results will be achieved with a natural material, the recovery will be less than that with implants and one will get a concurrent body contouring benefit from the fat harvest.

--Barry L Eppley, M.D., D.M.D.
Carmel, IN

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