Q&A: After my pregnancy, I get painful blemishes that last for days. What is causing this?

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i just had my second child (first one was eight years ago) and ever since the latter part of my pregnancy and ever since, i have broken out on my back and cheek and jaw line areas. they are painful blemishes too that get real red and irritated and last for days. i have tried everything over the counter and nothing works. what do you think is causing this?? i just started taking ortho tri cyclen. it is suppose to help my skin right? or will it in your opinion get worse before it gets better? my dr. said to give it six months. i am at wits end. 

- Kelly


Eric P Bachelor -

Hi Kelly,  So sorry your having such a problem with acne after your pregnancy.  This is due to changes in your hormone levels and should get better with time. The Ortho Tri-cycline may help you.  If not there are sother medications that can be used to try and help also.  Acne facials may also be of benefit to you.

--Eric P Bachelor
Pleasanton, CA


William W. Ehrlich, MD FAACS -

First:  You might have your obstetrician or family practitioner check your hormone levels.
Second:  Make sure (with your doctor) that the pill you are taking should actually help your skin.  Not all of them do.
Third:   A topical cleanser with a combination of salicylic acid (2%) and glycolic acid (5-10%) used twice per day may help.
Fourth:  Could you be allergic to something in your clothing detergent, or in your linens?  Fragrance, especially in detergent and fabric softener and/or dryer sheets, will contact your back, cheek, and jaw.  Anything in your linens could also do this.
Fifth:  If your doctor is not a dermatologist, make an appointment with a skin doctor.
Hope that help.  Good luck.

--William W. Ehrlich, MD FAACS
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