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Q&A: What temperature should sperm be frozen to and what temperature should it be at for insertion?


what temperature should sperm be frozen to & what temperature thawed to before insertion---how to unfreeze would be best home way

- sheree


 SCOTT ROSEFF, MD, FACOG, Director - LocateADoc.com

Sperm is frozen to -321 F, but cryoprotectants are added to it and sperm is processed prior to freezing (you can't just freeze the sperm alone). The thawing procedure depends upon several factors regarding what cryoprotectants were used and how the sperm was processed prior to freezing. None of this should be attempted at home.... Dr. Roseff, Director WECARE Visit us at www.reproendo.com

West Orange, New Jersey


Q&A: What are our options to having a baby if my husband had a vasectomy 18 months ago?


My husband has had a vasectomy (18 months ago) and now we are wanting to have a baby--I am 29, he is 43. We know we could try to have the vasectomy reversed, but what are our other options for having a child that is conceived by both of us? Is there such a thing as aspiration of sperm that can be implanted into me or into one of my eggs, and is there as much of a chance of that being successful as our chances of having the vasectomy reversed? I don't think there is any problem that would prevent me from carrying a child. Thanks.

- Renee


Fady I Sharara, M.D - LocateADoc.com

Dear Renee The other option would be to undergo an IVF/ICSI cycle, and have sperm aspirated from the testicles (an area called the epididemis). That obviously involves during an IVF cycle with the costs involved. I would recommend freezing the extra embryos if you go that route. If your husband has a successful vasectomy reversal and you get pregnant on your own, the issue of birth control will need to be discussed (not an issue if you go with IVF). Good luck

--Fady I Sharara, M.D
Annandale, Virginia