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Q&A: Can you recommend a good doctor for a second opinion regarding the loss of my figure nail and no re-growth for over a year?


My nail on my left hand (ringfinger) is just about gone. It started out as a white spot and eventually the whole nail lifted from the nail bed. I've been to Kaiser about 3 times and had it tested for nail fungus and it tested negative. Kaiser believed it was a yeast that got under the nail. It's been over a year and the nail has still not attached to the nail bed. Ive been following directions to keep it dry and it's still not attaching. I need a second opionion. Can you give me some guidance on what to do. I want to go to a very good specialist in this area. Can you recommend one? I live in Sunnyvale, Ca. There's gotta be somebody good around here that can figure it out. Im desperate and want my nail and hand back.....Look forward to your reply...Mary Denham


 Amy Forman Taub, M.D. -

I would ask your doctors to put you on an anti-yeast antibiotic such as Diflucan if they think it is a yeast infection. There is also a new topical medicine called Penlac which is like a clear nail polish that you apply everyday and will kill yeast or fungus over a period of time. You have to have a lot of patience with nail problems as nails grow slowly and infected nails grow even more slowly. There are other things that can cause the nail to pull away such as an allergic reaction to fake nails. Did you ever have fake nails? A fungus/yeast is your best bet because it is treatable. I don't know of a specialist in that area in nail fungus. But in general, if you could go to a University of California Medical Center, you might find another opinion.

-- Amy Forman Taub, M.D.
Lincolnshire, Illinois