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Q&A: Is there anything else you may recommend besides acupuncture, reflexology and herbs to get pregnant?


I am a 32 year old with one child who is 5 years old. I have one fallopian tube. I have had a laparoscopy and my one tube is fine. I have went on fertility drugs but discontinued due to side affects. I have tried acupuncture, reflexology and herbs. Is there anything else you may recommend?

- Kathy


 Fady I Sharara, M.D - LocateADoc.com

Dear Kathy There are other ways to stimualte your ovaries gentler. I do not recommend you waste more time on these other techniques since you only have one tube and you have been trying for some time. Good luck 

-- Fady I Sharara, M.D
Annandale, Virginia


Q&A: My 51 year old mother has severe pain, what can I do?


Dr. Sambursky, My mother is 51 years old. She has many full examinations, including blood work and she has had x-rays and cat scans of the head and neck. She went to the chirorpactor for about 3 months. She has went to her primary doctor as well as many other doctors, she has been told that it's everything form arthritis to muscle spasms to it being "all in her head"(as in the pain isn't real). If there is any more specific information you need, let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and thanks for any help yoiu can give. Sincerely, Tabitha Wolfe


Tabitha, This sounds very frustrating to you and i can understand. Has she tried acupuncture? This would be my next step if you have exhausted all other fields. I don't know why her head jerks. I wish I could help you. My last question is did the chiropractor actually perform manipulation. what i mean is did he/she actually move the bones where your mom heard a popping noise in the neck. Many chiropractors do not perform manipulation but actually utilize different methods and people tend to think that is what chiropractic is. I have come across this many times and then they go to a chiropractor get a "real" adjustment and feel better. I am not saying that the chiropractor did not perform his/her job just giving you something to ask your mom. there has to be some answer. She is too young. good luck. Dr. Sambursky

--Bruce Sambursky, DC
Granby, Connecticut


Q&A: Is it at all possible I could become pregnant without invasive treatments?


Hi, I was wondering with high FSH levels of 15 and 17 if I could still become pregnant on my own? I've gone to an RE for months without any success doing clomid, injectables, iui's. I'm doing acupunture and herbs at the moment and feel so much better with this treatment than with the drugs. My insurance dosen't cover any infertility so I'm not able to go to the RE anymore. Is it at all possible I could become pregnant without invasive treatments? I have a two year old son that I had no problems conceiving. Thanks for your response!

- Ellen


SCOTT ROSEFF, MD, FACOG, Director - LocateADoc.com

It's possible to conceive with your FSH levels, although the likelihood is low. Also, you would be at a very increased risk for miscarriage, due to diminished egg quality. I hope the acupuncture and herbs help! Good luck.... 

West Orange, New Jersey