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Q&A: What can I do if I experience pain in my neck and now in my wrists, fingers, shoulders, upper arms, knees and ankles from a 6 month old car wreck?


6 months ago I was involoved in a car accident.By that evening, I was experiencing neck pain, so I went to the Doctor the following day. C spines (xrays) were done and it all came back normal. 1 week later I went back. The pain and stiffness was still there. I was referred to a muscle pain relief clinic, but could not go right away due to a business trip. While away, the pain went away. But it came back. Due to my schedule (mother of 4, home business) I was not able to get back to the Dr or Clinic, and then due to financial difficulties. I cannot turn my head to the left without pain (i was looking over my right shoulder when my vehicle was hit on the right side). In the last 1-2 months, I have developed pain in my wrists, fingers, shoulders, upper arms, knees and ankles. It has done nothing but gotten worse. I have difficulty picking up my 1yr old and 2 yr old, my wrists feel like they will break. I cannot raise my arms to shoulder level, I need someone to assist me with removing my shirt at night. Could this possibly be related to the car accident?? I have been a fairly healthy individual, and all of this came up out of the blue. At first I thought carpal tunnel (the wrist and finger pain began first), because of my cross stitching and computer use, but when the joint pain spread, i wondered if it could be something else. I do not get the "numbness" that most CTS people get. Does arthritis hit that fast? I am a 29 yr old female, and very concerned. They currently have me on Darvoset for pain (I am allergic to aspirin, so we had to nix the Naproxin option, and Advil and Tylenol in 800 mg doses are not helping either). I am concerned about this as well, as I know this can be addictive, but I am also seeing that the longer I have taken it (2 days now) the less it works. Any ideas would be nice..oh and lets add TMD to the list. I have always had the clicking jaw from time to time, but when all of this joint pain began, the clicking wouldn't stop for 2 days, then my jaw seems to be locked into a position that makes it difficult to open my mouth wide enough to eat off a fork, spoon, small hamburger, etc.

- Beckie


 Jim Heinz, DC - LocateADoc.com

Hi Becky, You need to see a Doctor of Chiropractic who is trained in the detection and correction of motor vehicle trauma. For a list of qualified doctors in your area see www.idealspine.com . If you went to the emergency room you need to understand that their job is to save lives and to insure that you'll live until you can get an appointment elsewhere for care. They are not trained to correct the biomechanical problems associated with a car accident. Seek a qualified doctor for treatment as close as you can find. You may need multiple visits over weeks or months to correct your problems so proximity is more improtant than when seeing your OB once a year. Please schedule an evaluation as soon as possible.... those children need their mom at 100%. If you are able to get help, the sooner you get started the better you outcome will be. Keep me informed of your progress at fcod@bellsouth.net.

-- Jim Heinz, DC
Decatur, Georgia