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Q&A: Could my daughter still have glass in an 8-year old wound that is causing her such pain?


My daughter who is now 20 years of age met with an accident over 8 years ago. A large glass window crashed on her shoulder. We had the wound sutured and unfortunately she has a large keloid (scar tissue build-up). We have taken her to many doctors/plastic surgeons who gave her injections in the scar tissue and recommended the use of a silicon gel plaster. My concern is hardly cosmetic, but rather the fact that the child still experiences discomfort and pain and would scream if someone accidently touched her shoulder. Could there be a possibility of glass pieces still in the wound?? I watch many t.v. channels which airs various miracles of life. Is there anyone who could do something to help the child. PLEASE HELP!!

- Sharon


 Jonathan Ross Berman, MD -

I am sorry your daughter has that much discomfort. AS for the possibility that she might have glass in the wound is a remote possibililty. An x-ray would reveal the glass if it is leaded. What is more probable is that in the scar tissue are nerves that are caught in what we call a neuroma. You can certainly look up neuroma and read about it. The best way I can think of to help your daughter is to examine her and see what I find. Call our office if you are interested. Thanks for the e-mail

-- Jonathan Ross Berman, MD
Boca Raton, Florida


Q&A: What should I do if I am experiencing dry and sore eye and I think it was the result of removing a neuroma from my ear?


I have extreme dry eye in my right eye.. Two years ago I had an acoustic neuroma taken out of my middle ear (size of a cherry) It seemed after that my eye is contantly sore (dry)like sand in it and also my eye lid is somewhat slower /weaker just a shade slower than my left eye lid when blinking.. The surgery very slightly shrunk the right side of my face.. ever so slightly, just a little slower.. and a little stiff too..specially when I get tired. Could an eye ball shrink? What about "plugs" for tear ducts/ How can my eye be improved so I can read and do water color painting etc without a sore eye in a few minutes?? I'm looking for answers?

- Marty


John D. Zdral, M.D. -

I believe punctal plugs would be the best solution for your dry eye problem. These are small plugs that are inserted into the puncta, and keep what tears you have in your eyes longer, resulting in a longer duration of retained moisture over the surface of the cornea. For further evaluation of your condition, please schedule an appointment by calling (714)879-7372. Sincerely, John Zdral, M.D.

--John D. Zdral, M.D.
Fullerton, California