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Q&A: Is it possible to have 'gout' in the wrist area?


is it possible to have 'gout' in the wrist area?

- Jane


 Stephen A Imbeau, MD - LocateADoc.com

yes but more common in the great toe, etc... see your family doctor

-- Stephen A Imbeau, MD
Florence, South Carolina


Q&A: What are my options if my wrist bones have shifted and I suffer from gout?


my right wrist bones has shifted to the left. and i've been told that surgey is the only thing to help , and i suffer with the gout as well. i was told glueing the wrist in nutrul postion would. what do you think?

- Eugene


If you do have Gout. I hope you are eating a proper diet, staying away from Red meat in particular, you should also limit your intake of dairy products. As far as your wrist goes I hope you have consulted a doctor. I dont really know what gluing the wrist in a nuetral posion means, but If it is do to a fall and your wrist is not propotioned correctly then I would recommend an Orthopedic surgeon to help this problem

--Michael Carbo, DC
Florham Park, New Jersey