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Q&A: Is it possible to get Osseous surgery, without doing bone grafts, to repair advanced periodontal disease with pockets?


I have been diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease on 4 of my teath all with 7+ mm pockets. My periodontist recomends that I have Osseous Surgery as well as Bone Grafts and says that one procedure can't be done without the other. My insurance company and infroamtion I have read contradicts this.. Is it possible to get any bennefit from the Osseous surgury alone (re-shaping of the remaining bone) and postpone bone grafting until I can be re-evaluated after my full root plaining that I will be doing first? Also I have read studies that indicate bone regeneration after root plaining without grafting. What do you think? I cannot afford the grafting at this time.

- Rob


It's possible, but only half the job. You don't mention if the pocketing is generalized, or isolated, nor did you mention mobility of the teeth, or presence of infection,or if the involved teeth are all in the same quadrant, your age, your general health, and your hygeine habits etc..., so its difficult to answer your question. Periodontal surgery only benefits those people who are comitted to maintain almost perfect oral hygeine. If your home care is poor you'd be wasting your time, the dentist's time and a lot of money.

-- Charles R. McNamara, DMD
Winter Park, Florida