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Q&A: Will a forehead lift hold up my eye lids enough if I have very thin skin?


The doctor has said that I need a forehead lift rather than eye lid surgery. My question is that my skin is very thin. Do you think it will hold up the eye lids enough?

- Sharon

Answer 1:

 Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon -

Dear Sharon, It sounds as though you have been diagnosed with brow ptosis (fallen eyebrows) and it is this that is causing the excess skin above your eyes rather than simply droopy eyelids. The skin of the forehead is much thicker and will give a much longer-lasting lift than just eyelid surgery - as long as that is the problem.

-- Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon
Honolulu, Hawaii

Answer 2:

Jonathan Ross Berman, MD -

You need to decide whether your eyelids have excess skin or your brow is too low. Whichever is the major problem that is what needs to be done.

--Jonathan Ross Berman, MD
Boca Raton, Florida


Q&A: How much Botox is needed for an injection between the brows?


How much Botox is needed for an injection between the brows? Is one cc enough? What is a cc? Approximately what is the average cost of this injection to this area? If injected in the forehead, will the eyebrows fall?

- Nancy


Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon -

Dear Nancy, The amount is actually relatively unimportant since the Botox injection is made-up by the person doing the injecting. Each vial contains 100 units of the toxin. For most people, about 20 units is all that is necessary for long-term paralysis of the muscles. Most of us make the volume to contain that amount about 0.5 or, at most, 1.0 cc. If the volume is too large, not only does it hurt more to do the injection but there is also more risk to the Botox migrating to where it is not wanted or needed (usually the levators of the upper eyelid leading to drooping eyelids for a few months). Most of us have an intrinsic tension on the muscles of the forehead (like the muscles elsewhere) and if completely paralyzed, the brows will fall. Most of us to paralyze the forehead, however do so to only a limited extent, ie. where the wrinkles are most prominent. No one wants an inanimate forehead. For severe wrinkles and to permanently remove the frown muscle, a brow lift is the procedure of choice.

--Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon
Honolulu, Hawaii


Q&A: What should I do if my left and right cuspids are out of place and the roots of my teeth protrude?


If I may ask for your attention and time, I would appreciate it. Please respond to my question. Thank you. The UPPER RIGHT CUSPID & UPPER LIFT CUSPID are out of place. The root of the teeth protrudes outward within my mouth. I have a forehead protrusion. I am persuaded to say, that the cause of the protrusion was so over time, because of the right and left cuspid being out of joint. When I was a child was teeth were pushed forward AFTER my braces were taken off. The LOWER RIGHT CENTRAL/LOWER LEFT CENTRAL, LOWER RIGHT LATERAL/LOWER RIGHT LATERAL, LOWER RIGHT CUSPID/LOWER RIGHT CUSPID are also out of place. The roots are protruded outward from what I can tell. Especially the lower right and left cuspid. I was later on, given a retainer which never corrected the problem. I am persuaded that braces would fixed this problem. Now I am an adult that would like to fix this problem. What do you think?



I think you should go ask an Orthodontist, they take care of these type of problems .

--Charles R. McNamara, DMD
Winter Park, Florida


Q&A: What surgery will remove the scar and wrinkles from my forehead and the cost?


I have a scar on my forehead and some wrinkles what is the best surgery i can make? I'm 39 years old and what may be cost of that kind of surgery?

- roxine


Carmen Ann Paradis, M.D. -

Where the wrinkles are in your forehead will determine what type of surgery is needed to correct them, and the cost, but probably you will require some type of forehead lift. Similarly with the scar. I would suggest you go to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. Hope this is helpful. Carmen Paradis M.D.

--Carmen Ann Paradis, M.D.
Cleveland, Ohio