Cosmetic BOTOX® Questions and Answers Archive


Q&A: Can I get Botox injections in the lower half of my face?


I am interested in having botox injections in the lower half of my face to eliminate the frown lines on the sides of my mouth. Is this procedure successful?

- Susan


 Jonathan Ross Berman, MD -

Like lots of things in cosmetic surgery, you can probably find somebody to perform what you want. Very few plastic surgeons I know will inject botox in the lower perioral area for fear of smile muscle paralysis. I won't inject around the mouth for fear of having a paralyzed smile.

-- Jonathan Ross Berman, MD
Boca Raton, Florida


Q&A: Where can I get Botox injected in my forehead and upper lip?


when I was in Hawaii, I had botox injected in my forehead and upper lip. It took twice to have it be great, but I loved it. Now I'm in New York City and it's four months later and I want to get injected again, but none of the doctors I've come across here will inject in the upper lip. I can't imagine why, it worked so great and erased those awful purse lines. Do I have to go all the way back to Hawaii to find a doctor?

- rose


Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon -

Dear Rose, It is obvious that my plastic surgical colleague above has never heard of microBotox injections but I am certain that he will. I have done many of these in Hawaii and I am not certain if I did your injection or not. I am certain that there are a number of plastic surgeons in NY who could perform the procedure as word is getting out that it is possible to weaken portions of the circular muscles around the mouth and around the eyes with minute amounts of the Botox without fear of paralyzing the entire muscle. You may have to visit with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who is more up-to-date on the procedures available. Let me know if he/she requires information on the technique and I can send it to him/her.

--Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon
Honolulu, Hawaii