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Q&A: What should I do if I have tried everything to remove my facial hair and I do not think I can afford laser hair removal?


Hello I am a 23 year old White Female and i have facial hair it is not dark, but it is semi-think. Every thing I try makes my face break out. Vaniqa, shaving with an electic razor, and Nair. Please help me I would love to have lazer hair removal but i just can not afford it.

- Jessica


 Amy Taub, M.D. -

There aren't any quick fixes to this problem. Ideally, if the hair is darker than the skin you would have laser. In many places the prices for laser hair removal have dropped due to increased competition. Have you considered electrolysis? This might be effective but will also probably leave you with breakouts. I would consider seeing your doctor or an endocrinologist. Sometimes facial hair is either due to a hormonal imbalance, or, even if the hormone blood tests are normal, hair follicles that are overly sensitive to hormonal stimulation. In this case, a combination of treatment with birth control pills and a medication called spironolactone (which decreases androgenic-male type hormones) can not only decrease hair growth but also reduce acne.

-- Amy Taub, M.D.
Lincolnshire, Illinois


Q&A: Should I stop Accutane for acne and how far in advance before having oral surgery?


I've been taking Accutane for acne 20 mg (.5mg/kg) once a day for 5 weeks . I have since developed an infection around a wisdom tooth, and it looks like it needs to be removed. Should I stop the Accutane, and, if so, how long should I wait before oral surgery?

- Sarah


David A. King, DDS -

Good question. Accutane must be stopped several months prior to cosmetic laser surgery due to its affects on sebaceous gland function and skin keratinization. It is also well known to affect many other areas of your body, including inhibiting contraceptive drugs. Oral skin has both areas of keratinization and without and there are no sebaceous glands in the oral cavity so the chance of problems are most likely small but may slow the healing of the gum tissue. I would suggest you also contact the prescribing doctor.

--David A. King, DDS
Wilmington, Delaware