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Q&A: Can fat injections fill in a facial indentation from staph infection damage?


I lost facial tissue from a staph infection. There is an indentation. Would fat infections make this less noticeable?

- Lucille


 David M. Metzner, MD - LocateADoc.com

Fat injections are a good choice, and that is what I would try. It will probably take a series of injections. If the fat doesn't provide sufficient fill there are other options to consider. David M. Metzner, MD

-- David M. Metzner, MD
Metairie, Louisiana


Q&A: Should I be concerned about developing muscle pain, spasms in my arms, and feeling jittery and fatigued after receiving allergy shots?


I have been getting allergy shots 1x wk. for about a 18 months. I have been experiencing muscle pain and sometimes spasms in my arms increasingly over the past 2 months. It is getting to the point where even lifting my arms a little causes pain. The administering nurse has tried lower locations on my arms the last two times, but with no improvement yet. At times I also feel jittery and fatigued. Are these common side effects? Should I be concerned about a more severe reaction?

- Chris


Allergy injections can cause temporary soreness, especially if accidentally injected into a muscle. This usually resolves in hours to days and is generally not severe. Shots do not cause jitteriness or fatigue. I suggest you see your family doctor or internist for an exam. You could be developing bursitis or some other problem unrelated to allergy or shots.

--William C. Howland III, MD
Austin, Texas


Q&A: I am a male that wants breast implants and a way to increase my hips. Is this possible?


I am a man interested in 2 things: breast implants and some way of increasing the size of my hips to be proportional. Is this possible?

- robert


David Ross, MD - LocateADoc.com

Breast implants are definitely possible and have been utilized even in a male chest. Increasing hip size however will most likely not be feasible. Potentially, fat injections might be attemped but their longevity is in question.

--David Ross, MD
Chicago, Illinois


Q&A: What is the safety, side effects, and procedure involvement for penis enlargement?


I have read about several doctors offering penis enlargement, is this something safe that provides very good results? Are there any side effects? How long is the procedure, and what does it entitle?

- Arian


Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon - LocateADoc.com

There are many of us who offer this sexual enhancement surgery. There are basically two types of procedures. The first is the lengthening procedure where tiny ligaments are cut which allow the non-erect penis to hang further away from the body. This usually will allow for an elongation of from one to 5 centimeters depending upon the anatomy of the area. The second type of surgery is enlargement of the penis in diameter. For this, most of us use fat injections. This is the only part of the procedure which can and often does require touch-up procedures after since the fat take is variable. We often also perform procedures such as liposuction of the lower abdomen in conjuction with the procedure for further apparent lengthening. There are risks with each of the procedures described. The most common is that of the fat not taking completely and disappearing. Other risks such as infection or bleeding rarely happen. Loss of sensation can occur but is usually transient. The procedures each take about one to two hours although times have been shortenend with the use of lasers for the first procedure. Hope this helps. E-mail me and I can forward a brochure on to you detailing more about the procedures.

--Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon
Honolulu, Hawaii