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Q&A: How safe is permanent cosmetics, for example the eyebrows?


How safe is permanent cosmetics? I am thinking of having my eyebrows "done."

- Sharon


 Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon -

Dear Sharon, As long as you go to a liscensed tattoo artist and, preferably, one with an autoclave to sterilize equipment, I believe that it is safe. In my practice, I remove a great many tattoos and so I see all of the "disasters" of uneven, too dark, too broad, too high, etc. cosmetic tattoos. They should be regarded as permanent although lasers can be a painful and expensive means of undoing the process. Make certain that it is what you want and exactly where you want before the tattooing is performed.

-- Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon
Honolulu, Hawaii