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Q&A: Which would be less expensive, filling teeth or pulling and replacing with dentures?


I am a 40 year old smoker and have had dental problems consistently since the birth of my first child 10-3/4 years ago. My two front teeth are rotting out and as you can imagine, it totally ruins my smile. I had one filled but it now has a hole in it. I do not have health insurance right now so anything I have done I will have to finance myself. My question is, which would be less expensive, to have both teeth filled or to have them pulled and replaced with dentures of some sort?

- Carla


 Debra Gray King, DDS -

The thing about pulling teeth is, once they're gone -- they're gone . . . for good! I would try to avoid that. But it does cost money. Once your teeth are gone, then dentures, implants or bridges also cost money. Without the benefit of seeing you in person, I could not advise you about the costs, or recommended treatment for your specific case. You could go for a consultation with a couple of dentists, get the costs and then make your decision.

-- Debra Gray King, DDS
Atlanta, Georgia


Q&A: Is there anything I can do to save my two front teeth if I had periodontitis?


I have been told that my two front teeth are "hopeless" due to periodontitis, and must be removed. Is there ANYTHING I can do to stimulate re-growth of gum tissue and bone?

- Geri


Sameer Paul Puri, DDS -

Actually no. there is not only anything you cannot do but you should not due. Trying to save hopeless teeth will only delay the inevitable. Also it will make replacing the teeth in the future much more difficult. My recommendation is to remove the teeth and see someone about getting dental implants placed instead. If you try to save the teeth you will destroy the bone further and then not have anybone left for implant placement. Sam Puri DDS

--Sameer Paul Puri, DDS
Los Angeles, California


Q&A: What could be happening if my joints became swollen and hot and I got a rash after taking an antibiotic?


Hi! I've always been allergic to penicillin and coedine, but after having titanium implants in January, i have developed a new severe allergy. This could be coincidental! Source was unknown until this weekend when i was prescribed antibiotics for a throat infection, with sulphur- TRIMOX!! All my joints seized, became swollen and hot, and i broke out in a terrible raised and itchy rash. I've been taking Zyrtec & Aterax daily for the past 3 months. I now believe that my major problem, on a daily basis, is trying to avoid anything containing sulphur. I would be much obliged if you could assist me or direct me to some form of solution. I am 45 female ... very energtic MOSTLY and seldom suffer from illnesses. As a child i suffered with boils and abcesses. I eat healthy foods, fresh vege and salads and fruit, seldom junkfood but drink coffee, coke and enjoy beer and some wines! hahaha :))))) Thanks so much for your time! Best regards, Annie. DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA


Stephen A Imbeau, MD -

the anitbiotics probably did indeed cause your immune arthritis reaction (not an allergic reaction) and you should not take them again BUT it has NOTHING to do with the chemical sulfur

--Stephen A Imbeau, MD
Florence, South Carolina