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Q&A: Which would be less expensive, filling teeth or pulling and replacing with dentures?


I am a 40 year old smoker and have had dental problems consistently since the birth of my first child 10-3/4 years ago. My two front teeth are rotting out and as you can imagine, it totally ruins my smile. I had one filled but it now has a hole in it. I do not have health insurance right now so anything I have done I will have to finance myself. My question is, which would be less expensive, to have both teeth filled or to have them pulled and replaced with dentures of some sort?

- Carla


 Debra Gray King, DDS -

The thing about pulling teeth is, once they're gone -- they're gone . . . for good! I would try to avoid that. But it does cost money. Once your teeth are gone, then dentures, implants or bridges also cost money. Without the benefit of seeing you in person, I could not advise you about the costs, or recommended treatment for your specific case. You could go for a consultation with a couple of dentists, get the costs and then make your decision.

-- Debra Gray King, DDS
Atlanta, Georgia