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Q&A: Could I be a candidate for laser vision correction if I am nearsighted, have astigmatism and wear soft contact lenses?


I wear soft contact lenses, the left one being a toric lens due to what I have been told is "internal" astigmatism. I am very nearsighted in both eyes. In the past, I have been told that I am not a candidate for laser vision correction. Has the procedure advanced to the point where I am a potential patient? I am also led to believe that health insurance plans don't consider this necessary surgery and therefore traditionally don't cover any part of the procedure. So could you give me a "ballpark" estimate of the cost for both eyes, please? Thanks.


 Alexandra Christine Chebil, MD, FRCSC -

Thank you for your email. It sounds like you may be treatable. Most insurance companies don't cover the cost which runs around $4400 for both eyes. Sincerely, Dr. Alexandra Chebil The Lasik Center

-- Alexandra Christine Chebil, MD, FRCSC
Irvine, California