Hyperopic Implantable Contact Lens Questions and Answers Archive


Q&A: What are the costs associated with contact lens implants and what other information can you offer on the procedure?


As an alternative to Lasik becuase of the cost, I would like to ask about contact lense implant, cost and other info. I live in Westchester County NY. Thank you

- Alex


 Alexandra Christine Chebil, MD, FRCSC - LocateADoc.com

Dear Alex, The implantable contact lens will most likely cost at least as much as Lasik-It may cost more, and long term results have not been proven as yet. My choice is still lasik, both for cost and safety. Sincerely, Dr. Alexandra Chebil, Irvine California (800) 841-3717

-- Alexandra Christine Chebil, MD, FRCSC
Irvine, California


Q&A: What options do I have to correct extreme nearsightedness given I have had one torn retina?


I have extremely bad near-sighted vision. I've had one of my retna's tear due the the extreme myopia. My vision is about -17.5/-18. I was wondering what type of options I have. I'm 22 years old and I am afraid further complications like another torn retna will seriously harm my vision. I would love an opinion. Thank you very much for you time. Sincerely, Lyra


John D. Zdral, M.D. - LocateADoc.com

Your myopia is indeed quite high Lyra. Currently the laser (LASIK) could correct about two-thirds of your prescription, but not all of it. A newer technology on the horizon is intra-ocular lens implants, also known as implantable contact lenses. These lenses are similar to the lens implants we use for cataract surgery patients, and they can correct very high degrees of myopia. These lenses are still considered investigational, and long term studies are not complete. One question is whether they may cause cataracts or glaucoma later in life. They will probably be approved in one years time, pending FDA approval. Check with us again next year to review your options. Sincerely, John D. Zdral, M.D.

--John D. Zdral, M.D.
Fullerton, California