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Q&A: How severe will the correction surgery be for removing to masses in my sinuses and will my face be cut?


I have just been diagnosed with two masses in my sinuses and also need some corrective surgery. How drastic is this and do they cut on the out side of the face to reach the masses?

- JoAnn


 David A. King, DDS - LocateADoc.com

Usually an endoscopic or intraoral approach is used and the severity depends on the condition.

-- David A. King, DDS
Wilmington, Delaware


Q&A: What should I do if I am on medication for a pending endoscopic sinus surgery and am experiencing nerviness, upset stomach, coughing and dizziness?


I have been seeeing an Allergy specialest of sinus problems. I have had a CT scan. He has sent me to Otolaryngologyest. I am going to have endoscopic surgery on my sinuses. I have a blockage. They are giving me Cleocin andDeltasone. I have became nervice and I have an upset stomic. I can not quite caughing. I have tryed every caugh syurp. nothing is working. My stomic is really hurting me. I have be geting dizzy. I would like to know if this would be the medican or someting else.

- Leslie


Stephen A Imbeau, MD - LocateADoc.com

probably medicine side effects call prescribing MD for change or antidote

--Stephen A Imbeau, MD
Florence, South Carolina