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Question: Hi.i have a question reguardin the vagina and labia is very weird it just sticks upwards and it dosnt even cover my vaginal opening just way above it and sticks out.when i soread my legs my vaginal opening area is clearly visible without havig to spread your picures i have seen the vaginal opening area closed or stuck this normal for a virgin to see that area without having to open the labia?
Answer: Thank you for your question regarding the shape of your labia and vaginal appearance.  As you have seen from the B/A photos in my listing all women look different and thus there isn’t a “normal” appearance.  There is, however, a nearly universal understanding of what looks better and more attractive.  Most women want the labia minora (inner lips) and clitoral hood to be small and not stick out beyond the labia majora (outer lips).  What I do to achieve this optimal aesthetic appearance is different for every woman and depends on her anatomy.    I can only guess at what your concerns are based on your description, but as a virgin, for your vagina to be visible upon spreading your legs you are likely thin with small labia majora, thus there isn’t much volume to keep the vulva (tissues before the vaginal opening) closed.   You describe long inner lips at the top, or on the anterior aspect near the hood. It sounds that you may also have a large hood. To improve your appearance I would recommend a labia minora reduction with clitoral hood reduction and possible labia majora augmentation.  If you are in Denver I would be happy to see you for consultation or if you live far away we  may Skype for a virtual consultation before your surgery.

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