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You love to eat during the holidays... BUT if you eat too much when you celebrate, you might be playing Santa at your next office party.

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Exercise is an essential component to any successful weight loss program. In addition to helping you reach your weight loss goals it will make you look and feel better. It not only causes you to burn calories and lose weight, but helps build lean muscle which will increase the bodies metabolism.

Too much sugar, fat, alcohol and processed foods in the diet can overload vital organs in the body, and poor nutrition can take its toll on your health.

To conquer the problem of excessive weight gain and cases of obesity, many Americans turn to gastric bypass surgery to eliminate the extra pounds in hopes of a better life. Unfortunately, these patients are also vulnerable to several vices if food addiction is left unaddressed.

You already know the value of eating a well-balanced diet, but are you choosing the right fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis? From anti-aging benefits to weight loss, a few of those greens may have extra special properties.

Today’s options in bariatric surgery offer a wealth of benefits for people who need to lose 50 to 100 pounds or more, but there are several things to consider when choosing a weight loss treatment plan. To get started, you will need to meet with a qualified weight loss surgeon in your area and find out if you are a good candidate for a bariatric surgery procedure. Here are ten important questions to ask your weight loss surgeon when you’re considering bariatric surgery:

According to a recent news release by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, obese patients have nearly a 12 times higher risk of complications after elective plastic surgery than patients who are of a healthy weight. Results of the study show that obese patients tend to recover slower than those who are of a healthier weight because there is usually less blood flow in fat tissue and the operating sites are usually much deeper, which puts the patient at risk for developing an infection.

If you’re still determined to stick with your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet, it may be time to adopt some new eating habits and take heed of some fresh diet tips. Dr. Oz’s Move It and Lose it diet plan is among the most popular diet programs for dieters in 2011, and has been in the media spotlight lately for teaming up with Nike and Sharecare to offer a customized, 11-week weight loss plan free of charge. Dr. Oz’s Move It and Lose It diet plan

Most bariatric surgeons recommend that patients wait between 18 to 24 months before getting pregnant after bariatric surgery. Different types of surgery, including gastric banding, LAP-BAND surgery and the duodenal switch procedure, can change the way the body absorbs food and nutrients, and may also have an effect on the woman’s fertility rate. If you are of childbearing age and considering undergoing bariatric surgery, consider the following facts: