VelaSmooth Articles

Cellulite, sagging skin and loose skin after weight loss surgery may be taking their toll on your body confidence, but there are several cellulite and body shaping treatments available to help you achieve your dream figure. The VelaShape and VelaSmooth procedures are designed to target cellulite, smooth and tone the body tissues, and can also tighten the skin. Both are performed on an outpatient basis and are relatively painless.

If you’ve visited the medical spa or cosmetic surgery center for a body contouring treatment lately, you may have undergone VelaSmooth treatments that help to tighten and tone the skin to create a streamlined silhouette. VelaSmooth has been available in the United States for several years, and has helped many women reduce the appearance of cellulite and enjoy a more toned and youthful look. Now, the makers of VelaSmooth have developed a Contour Applicator that helps target hard-to-reach areas, so physicians have more control over the procedure and can deliver better results.