VASER LipoSelection® Articles

Vaser LipoSelection is one of the latest ‘breakthrough’ body contouring procedures available, a liposuction and tissue manipulation technique that allows the plastic surgeon to sculpt and recontour the body with ease. The key difference between the Vaser system and conventional liposuction is the type of cannula used in the fat removal process.

Liposuction continues to be the best way to get rid of body fat for good, but many plastic surgeons also use various liposuction techniques for sculpting and shaping the body. Some of the latest innovations in liposuction can help to get rid of a few stubborn inches and also tighten the skin to create a streamlined appearance. These can be a better match for those who don’t need to lose a lot of body fat, and are more interested in a few minor cosmetic enhancements.

Patients undergoing the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can enjoy more benefits when the doctor uses an ultrasound liposuction procedure to extract and redistribute fat. Vaser ultrasound-assisted liposuction is an attractive procedure for fat transfer, because it ensures that the fat cells stay alive during the removal and depositing process. Here’s a closer look at the key benefits of Vaser liposuction and how it plays an important role in the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure:

Are you still struggling to lose a few “vanity pounds”, or just can’t get rid of those extra inches around your waistline, hips or thighs? A body contouring treatment such as Vaser Shape may be a good fit for you. Vaser Shape, known as Med Contour in Europe, is a non-surgical body contouring device that may be able to zap away those inches – and all without a single incision.

Still struggling to lose a few vanity pounds and inches around your waist, hips and thighs? You don’t have to undergo painful liposuction to say goodbye to those extra pockets of fat and lose inches for good. Some of today’s leading body contouring and body shaping treatments can help you slim down and achieve a more sculpted silhouette without having to go under the knife. Several incisionless procedures can be performed in under an hour, and you can start to see results within a few weeks!

VASER Shape is among the newest non-invasive, non-surgical treatments available for body contouring, fat reduction and cellulite reduction. This body shaping device can help you lose unwanted body fat from problem areas within a few hours, and you can expect to see progressive results over the course of a few weeks. VASER Shape is now available at several cosmetic surgery centers and medical spas around the country, and may be just what you need to lose a few stubborn inches for good.

If you’ve been thinking about spot fat reduction with liposuction, you may not have to undergo surgery to get the results you want. Many people carrying a few extra inches around their hips, thighs, waistline or arms can now have those stubborn fatty deposits removed completely with the help of the VASER Shape procedure. VASER Shape is one of the latest advances in non-surgical fat reduction and promises consistent, reliable results.