Skin Resurfacing Articles

The rumor mill is bustling about actor Tom Cruise’s puffy appearance at a recent awards event in London. Many have long suspected the 50-year-old has maintained his youthful looks with the help of cosmetic surgery procedures. But this most recent change in his face suggests even mega-stars can end up with less than optimal cosmetic surgery results.

We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy diet. But cutting down on the junk food and increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals affects more than just your waistline; it can renew and replenish your skin. While no one food can completely change your complexion by itself, eating right improves your skin just as it improves the rest of your body. So next time you're nourishing your body, don’t forget about your largest organ. Your skin spends all day protecting you, isn’t it time you indulged it?

Ultrasound technology has made its way into the cosmetic and plastic surgery market, and many dermatologists are now offering an ultrasound-based treatment for skin rejuvenation. The Dermasonic system is designed to be a part of a “skin fitness” program, and helps to stimulate the facial tissues to promote healthy skin cell renewal. This innovative skin rejuvenation treatment is now available at many medical spas, cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery centers in the United States. It could be just what you need to preserve and maintain a more youthful look this spring!

The change of the season is an ideal time to change up your beauty routine, and several cosmetic treatments can help to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Whether you want to get rid of acne scars, tighten loose skin, or eliminate wrinkles, now is a great time to head to the medical spa or cosmetic dermatology center for a skin evaluation. You’ll find a number of treatments that are effective for getting rid of dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin over the winter months, brightening the skin tone, and for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

If you have very tan skin or darker skin, you may not be a good candidate for some of today’s leading laser skin resurfacing treatments and chemical peels. Many skin rejuvenation treatments are too harsh for darker skin types and can cause severe burning, scarring and other skin problems. The E-Matrix skin resurfacing system offers an alternative option for people with darker skin. This innovative laser treatment uses radio frequency energy instead of light or lasers, so the energy is not absorbed by the pigment cells and does not cause trauma.

Fractional laser resurfacing procedures are among the most innovative skin rejuvenation treatments available in the United States and many can erase several years from your appearance. These innovative skin treatments can help to get rid of age spots, freckles, stretch marks and also correct many skin conditions. If you spent a lot of time in the sun this summer or have an uneven skin tone, you could be a good candidate for the Sandstone Matrix skin resurfacing procedure. This device can treat almost any area of the body and is especially effective for improving the condition of skin that has been overexposed to the sun and has traces of deeper skin damage.

The Sandstone Matrix fractional skin resurfacing procedure is one of several skin rejuvenation devices designed to reduce and eliminate the signs of aging and create a more youthful, healthy appearance. The fractional laser is often preferred over conventional C02 lasers because it provides less recovery time and fewer side effects. The Sandstone Matrix fractional skin resurfacing device is one of the latest innovations in skin resurfacing technologies and can deliver a full skin resurfacing procedure in less than 15 minutes.

Non-ablative laser skin resurfacing treatments are designed to reverse and eliminate the signs of aging, but some lasers are more effective than others. The Polaris WR laser by Syneron is an FDA-approved non-ablative skin rejuvenation procedure, and works by emitting radio frequency waves through a diode laser. The combination of diode laser energy and radio frequency is what makes this laser different from other laser resurfacing procedures available in the United States. Here’s a close look at how the Polaris laser procedure works, and what its key benefits and drawbacks are: