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Some of the latest fractional skin resurfacing devices can treat a number of skin conditions and also reverse the signs of aging. The EXELO2 skin resurfacing procedure is an innovative skin rejuvenation system developed by MedSurge Advances, and offers a number of benefits beyond some of today’s leading fractional resurfacing procedures. With minimal downtime and visible results after a single session, many medical spas and cosmetic dermatology centers are now promoting the EXELO2 skin resurfacing procedure as a safe, powerful and effective anti aging skin treatment.

Some of today’s most popular and effective infertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) and artificial insemination can be expensive, and while they do have high success rates, there is no guarantee that the treatment will produce desired results. Many couples who are on a tight budget and want to increase fertility turn to microfertilization infertility treatments instead. Microfertilization, also known as Micro-IVF, is a low-cost version of the traditional in vitro fertilization procedure and is available at many fertility clinics around the United States.

If you’re suffering from excessive fatigue, depression, blood sugar problems or the major symptoms of menopause, you may be a good candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is designed to address a number of health problems related to hormonal imbalances, and can be an attractive alternative to synthetic hormones. In many situations, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy involves nutritional supplementation, dietary changes and lifestyle modifications in order to bring about effective results.

Cellulite, sagging skin and loose skin after weight loss surgery may be taking their toll on your body confidence, but there are several cellulite and body shaping treatments available to help you achieve your dream figure. The VelaShape and VelaSmooth procedures are designed to target cellulite, smooth and tone the body tissues, and can also tighten the skin. Both are performed on an outpatient basis and are relatively painless.

Flushing of the skin and dilated blood vessels are some of the most common side effects of rosacea, but many rosacea sufferers can achieve noticeably clearer and smoother skin with laser rosacea treatments. Doctors around the United States offer a number of rosacea treatment options, including the ND:YAG laser, the KTP laser and the pulsed-dye laser to not only reduce redness, but to also help remove the thickening of the skin that occurs on the nose and cheeks.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, also known as photorejuvenation and light therapy, is an innovative procedure designed to correct skin pigmentation, skin irregularities and reverse the signs of aging. This procedure is readily available at many medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers around the United States, and can treat skin conditions including acne, rosacea and wrinkles.

Laser skin rejuvenation procedures are designed to treat certain types of facial skin disorders, and also eliminate the effects of aging and sun damage. The ProFractional laser device is among the leading laser skin resurfacing treatments available in the United States and offers a number of anti-aging benefits for all skin types. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis and is more intensive than the average chemical peel or microdermabrasion procedure.

The Sandstone Matrix fractional skin resurfacing procedure is one of several skin rejuvenation devices designed to reduce and eliminate the signs of aging and create a more youthful, healthy appearance. The fractional laser is often preferred over conventional C02 lasers because it provides less recovery time and fewer side effects. The Sandstone Matrix fractional skin resurfacing device is one of the latest innovations in skin resurfacing technologies and can deliver a full skin resurfacing procedure in less than 15 minutes.

Skin tags are small flaps of skin that commonly appear on the eyelids, around the elbows, on the back of the neck, or in the armpits. Some look like small mushrooms with a bulbous tip, while others look like a thin flap of extra skin. Dermatologists classify skin tags as a benign tumor. People who are obese and those who have diabetes are more likely to develop skin tags during their lifetimes, and even more so as they age. However, there are several ways to get rid of skin tags completely.

Sun damage, acne and the aging process can all take their toll on your skin, but there are several skin rejuvenation procedures that can restore your youthful look. Chemical peels are some of the most effective and affordable skin rejuvenation procedures, and can offer results similar to microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing. Certain chemical solutions are available over the counter, allowing anyone to perform the procedure at home. However, “DIY” chemical peels do present some risks. Here’s what you need to know about administering a chemical peel at home: