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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that affects men, women and children of all ages. The cause of this condition is unknown and when the immune system continues to attack its own body tissues, the sufferer experiences severe joint pain, fevers, fatigue and other health problems. If you’ve been diagnosed with this disease, you’ll need to make some lifestyle changes and work hard to stay healthy to manage the pain, swelling of the joints and other problems.

Holiday season is right around the corner, which means now is a great time to update your look with a cosmetic procedure. Whether you want to lose a few inches to fit into that holiday party dress, or say goodbye to wrinkles to erase a few years, it’s easy to get a mini-makeover well before the holiday revelries begin!

An estimated 23.6 million people were affected by diabetes in the United States in 2006 alone, according to National Institute of Diabetes and the American Diabetes Association. In 2007, diabetes was the fifth leading cause of death from disease. Since diabetes is preventable and controllable, people at risk for diabetes can make certain changes to their diet and lifestyle to stay healthy.

If you’ve been thinking about Botox injections to get rid of crow’s feet or deep wrinkles on your forehead, your plastic surgeon or medical aesthetician may have recommended Dysport as an alternative Botox treatment. Dysport gained FDA approval for cosmetic use in July 2009, and has since made its way to hundreds of plastic surgery centers and medical spas around the United States. Some doctors offer Dysport injections at a lower price than Botox, and many simply prefer to use Dysport for treating lines and wrinkles.

Are you tired of going on another fad diet? Overwhelmed with the myriad of diet and weight loss books, programs and supplements on the market? People who have been struggling to lose weight on their own can turn to a medical weight loss clinic for guidance and a customized program that helps speed up weight loss and also keeps it off for the long-term. Medical weight loss programs are usually designed by physicians and nutritional counselors, and some include supplements and vitamin injections to help you stay healthy and on track to meet your weight loss goals.

Certain vitamins and nutrients play an important role in the body’s healing process. When you’re undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery, you will need to make some lifestyle changes to help your body and skin tissues heal as quickly as possible, and you may benefit from taking vitamin and nutritional supplements. Many plastic surgeons recommend a supplement program before and after surgery so that your body can perform all of its essential functions and repair itself naturally.

Your skin loses collagen and elasticity as you age, and the result can be loose and sagging skin, deep wrinkles and poor skin tone. Some of today’s innovative skin tightening treatments can help to strengthen and tighten your skin after a single procedure, and many are available at medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers in your area. The GentleYag Laser is one of several skin tightening procedures available in the United States, and has been proven to produce exceptional results on almost any skin type.

If you’ve been thinking about undergoing facelift surgery but don’t think you can manage the pain, scarring and downtime involved, you may be a good candidate for a facelift alternative such as the Contour Thread Lift. The Contour Thread Lift is one of the latest developments in facial rejuvenation, and is designed to lift sagging skin without extensive surgery. The procedure is the only one of its kind that includes FDA-approved nonabsorbent threads, and can help to take years off your appearance.

One of the best ways to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful is to exfoliate regularly and wash off all makeup before you go to sleep. The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush is an innovative skin-buffing tool that removes dirt, oil and debris from the pores and leaves your skin silky soft. The brush was once only used by dermatologists and licensed skincare professionals, and is now available for purchase at medical spas, day spas and online.

Regular facials at the day spa can help to cleanse your skin at a deeper level than your regular face-washing routine, get rid of blackheads, and rejuvenate your face. If you’re dealing with recurring breakouts, severe acne or have very deep wrinkles and lines, you may be better-suited for a medical skincare program. Medical skincare programs are designed to address a number of skin conditions and some help to restore skin elasticity, speed up the cell renewal process, and can even rejuvenate your looks.