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Is your stomach in good shape for bikini season? Spring break is right around the corner and the summer months may have you heading to the coast or basking in the sun soon enough. If you’re still yearning for a flat and toned stomach, liposuction isn’t the only way to achieve the look you want. Many cosmetic surgeons now recommend Body by Thermage for a flat stomach, an innovative skin tightening procedure that can shrink the tissues and create a smooth, flat and toned appearance. It’s a non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery, and could be just what you need to get a flat stomach for Spring.

Are you ready to bare more skin and show off that new swimsuit this summer? If you still need to lose a few inches or need to get rid of unsightly patches of cellulite, now is a great time to get a cellulite treatment. Many of these treatments can tighten and tone the skin, smooth out cellulite and give you a that streamlined silhouette you crave.

Fine lines, wrinkles and pigmented patches of skin can disappear with the help of the Fraxel skin resurfacing procedure. Fraxel is a powerful skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment that can eliminate many of the common signs of aging and rejuvenate your look.

Are you still struggling to lose a few pounds and inches before bathing suit season? Zerona fat reduction treatments could be the easiest way to get in great shape by summer and now would be the ideal time to get started on a treatment plan. Zerona uses an innovative cold-laser technology to reduce body fat from trouble areas, including the love handles, hips and thighs. It’s a non-invasive fat reduction solution that is suitable for all skin types and body types, and promises on downtime.

Some of the side effects of arthritis – joint inflammation, swelling, heat, redness and pain – can make it very difficult to sustain a consistent exercise routine and but there are some ways to enjoy the benefits of arthritis without hurting yourself. People with arthritis can benefit from range of motion exercises, resistance exercises and aerobic or endurance exercises that improve cardiovascular fitness. It’s always important to discuss your exercise or workout regimen with your doctor, and if possible, start a new regiment with a qualified personal trainer or therapist.

If you’re still determined to stick with your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet, it may be time to adopt some new eating habits and take heed of some fresh diet tips. Dr. Oz’s Move It and Lose it diet plan is among the most popular diet programs for dieters in 2011, and has been in the media spotlight lately for teaming up with Nike and Sharecare to offer a customized, 11-week weight loss plan free of charge. Dr. Oz’s Move It and Lose It diet plan

If you’ve been thinking about facelift surgery but don’t want to deal with the downtime and pain involved, you may be a better candidate for the non-surgical facelift. The FotoLift Polaris system is one of the latest innovations for non-surgical facelifts and can be beneficial facelift alternative. Unlike traditional facelift surgery procedures, the FotoLift Polaris is a “no downtime” laser that can rejuvenate the skin, get rid of wrinkles and also tighten the skin to create a more youthful look.

Have you been thinking about getting liposuction but worried about how much time you would have to take off work for recovery? Liposuction can be a fairly extensive type of cosmetic surgery, but there are some techniques that promise less downtime than others. Some of the latest lipoplasty procedures and liposuction techniques cause minimal trauma and scarring of the skin, and allow you to return to regular activities within a few weeks of the procedure.

Are you becoming self-conscious about wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging? Injectable fillers could help you achieve a more youthful look. Selphyl facial fillers are among the newest dermal fillers available in the United States and can be especially effective for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and for rejuvenating the skin. Unlike other injectables made with hyaluronic acid, collagen and other compounds, Selphyl is made with blood platelets extracted from your own blood.

Managing and monitoring blood glucose levels when you have diabetes can be a challenge. If you are taking care of a child with diabetes, it can be especially difficult to make sure you get accurate blood glucose readings and are able to monitor the child’s diet. Creating a system and making sure to commit to a schedule of checking blood glucose throughout the day can make it much easier to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with diabetes.