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When most people contemplate a cosmetic enhancement, they think about the way in which a synthetic implant will change their look. Very few ever wonder if that synthetic appendage can come from their own body tissue.

As more full-figured and curvaceous celebrities become prominent fixtures in the media, many women are opting to have plastic surgery to enhance the curve of their butt. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, and Beyonce Knowles represent a growing change in an industry once obsessed with having a bigger butt.

Chemical peels were once only found at medical spas and luxury wellness centers, a specialty treatment for those willing to spend time and money on site for a complete skin rejuvenating treatment. By stimulating new cell growth, the chemical peel can give your skin that youthful glow and enhance its appearance.

Whether you’re getting liposuction, breast implants or other cosmetic surgery procedures, it’s important to have a plan for your recovery. Making sure your skin and tissues heal properly after surgery or a cosmetic procedure involves scheduling time for rest and sleep, making follow up appointments, and stocking up on the right foods and supplements to support a healthy recovery. If you don’t have a plan, you may end up with sub-par results and may even experience pain or unwanted side effects.

There are many ways to go about performing a butt lift. A cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon will tell you, the act of lifting the butt permanently can be done by either inserting butt implants, or removing fat from the body and tranfering it to the butt.

If you are thinking about getting breast implants but may be having children in the near future, you might be wondering if you should hold off on breast augmentation surgery until after your procedure. Many women have fears that breast implants will interfere with their pregnancy in some way, or that they will have trouble breastfeeding when the baby arrives. However, these are some common myths about implants and you can discuss all of these issues with your surgeon during your consultation.

For a woman, there are no two words that evoke the type of fear that breast cancer does. As shocking as a diagnosis can be, it is also one that conjures up more questions and emotions than many people are prepared to deal with. Although modern science has come a long way in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, more-and-more women are also turning to medical remedies of the past to aid in their courageous fight.

You already know the value of eating a well-balanced diet, but are you choosing the right fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis? From anti-aging benefits to weight loss, a few of those greens may have extra special properties.

As more people turn to cosmetic procedures to correct skin flaws and improve the quality of their skin, doctors across the country are offering an array of treatment options.

If your healthy diet and rigorous workout routine still haven’t gotten you that beach-ready body, a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office could be just what you need before you hit the sand and water.