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If you’re one of the millions of people undergoing liposuction, you may need additional body contouring treatments after the procedure in order to achieve your most attractive silhouette.

While many men and women undergo liposuction to lose stubborn pockets of body fat and improve their appearance, liposuction surgery alone rarely helps to create a streamlined silhouette. Body contouring procedures and skin tightening treatments may be necessary for those who lose a significant amount of body fat after liposuction, because the skin becomes loose and unattractive without the support of the fatty tissues underneath.

While thousands of Americans head to the plastic surgeon’s office for liposuction to remove stubborn fat and achieve a streamlined appearance, there are options for those that don’t want to go under the knife. Lipo-Ex is one of the latest innovative procedures designed to melt the fat under the skin and tighten up surrounding tissues to create a smoother appearance. Lipo-Ex works by melting the fat, including visceral fat, under the skin and doesn’t require a single incision.

Many plastic surgeons performing liposuction turn to laser-assisted liposuction devices or radio frequency assisted liposuction to perform body contouring and body sculpting techniques. Both of these procedures use either heat or laser energy to cause tissue contraction, which helps to shape, tone and tighten the body. Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo (RAFL) is among the latest technologies for body sculpting and permanent fat removal, and is currently undergoing FDA testing.

Even when you’re diligent about your diet and exercise regimen, there are some areas of the body where the fat just won’t budge. Since you can’t spot-reduce body fat with exercise alone, you many need the help of a plastic surgeon to get rid of those stubborn inches. There are now several options for spot fat reduction, and all of these are performed on an outpatient basis with minimal downtime.

Losing body fat with liposuction is just one way to improve your silhouette. If you’re interested in changing the shape and contours of your body without surgery, consider a non invasive body slimming procedure. Many plastic surgeons in the United States now offer several non invasive body slimming treatments that can help to reduce inches, improve the appearance of problem areas and help you achieve a more sculpted, contoured appearance. Since many of these procedures don’t involve any downtime, you can go back to work and resume other activities shortly after your visit.

Prescription drugs such as Paxil and Xanax, and natural therapies such as massage and yoga have long been the solution for people suffering from anxiety. However, there is another way to reduce the feelings of panic and nervous tension, and it doesn’t involve any drugs. Chiropractic therapy has proven to be an effective method for treating General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and chiropractic treatments may help many people lower stress and blood pressure, and enjoy a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

If you need to lose a few ‘vanity’ pounds around your waist, hips and thighs, liposuction seems to be the most convenient solution. Liposuction involves extracting fat cells completely from the skin tissues, and the procedure can be fairly extensive; the doctor must make several incisions, and you may be required to wear compression garments for weeks after surgery.

Liposuction can be performed on almost any area of the body, and today’s innovative techniques and procedures offer promising results a few weeks after treatment. It’s among today’s most sought-after plastic surgery procedures, and continues to be popular for men and women who want to lose a few stubborn pounds. However, many people experience several complications from fat removal surgery. Here are some tips for avoiding the common complications associated with liposuction:

Liposuction continues to be the best way to get rid of body fat for good, but many plastic surgeons also use various liposuction techniques for sculpting and shaping the body. Some of the latest innovations in liposuction can help to get rid of a few stubborn inches and also tighten the skin to create a streamlined appearance. These can be a better match for those who don’t need to lose a lot of body fat, and are more interested in a few minor cosmetic enhancements.