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The Pillar procedure is a treatment to stop snoring. It is a safe process which involves the insertion of small implants into the soft palate. These implants are an innocuous polyester material which has been safely used in medicine throughout history. It works by reducing tissue vibration in the soft palate, stiffening it. An obstructive soft palate is often the reason that snoring comes about, because it is not letting air flow properly.

Sleeping is the best form of rest that a person can get, especially when one is experiencing stress or fatigue at any time. While there are many factors, both internal and external, that can greatly affect your sleep pattern, here are 10 ways you can improve your sleeping habits.

As women get older, it is not simply all about the wrinkles or other physical signs of ageing. Inside the body, the female reproductive system will eventually lose some of its functions, and this could lead to certain undesirable effects in women’s health. Menopause in itself simply implies that women of old age will no longer be able to get pregnant. The months or years around the menopausal phase are called the perimenopause; this period is highly characterized by mood swings, irregular menstrual cycles, and even anxiety.

Every day people deal with their daily routine, whether at home, in school or at their respective workplace. Most people get along with it, but there comes a point when one seems to get tired of the usual thing. Stress comes in many forms and this greatly affects an individual in all aspects; particularly in psychological and emotional ways. Here are some suggestions for you to be able to cope with stress:

As with most things in nature, the body requires balance. A balance between low-density lipoproteins (LPLs) and high-density lipoproteins is vital to a healthy level of cholesterol. When people talk about reducing cholesterol, they really mean balancing it -reducing the level of LPLs and increasing the level of HPLs essentially. An increase in the level of HPLs is a natural way to make sure that LPLs are reduced, since the body aims for a healthy, natural balance. All of the ways to increase your HPLs to give yourself a more healthy cholesterol level are easily available and don’t require any special medicine.

Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT, is a potentially fatal condition caused by the clotting of blood. It usually occurs in the deep veins in the legs as opposed to the smaller or surface veins in the ankles or forearms. According to an NBC report, 74% of Americans have never heard of DVT. It was brought to the attention of the general public when NBC correspondent David Bloom died on the battlefield in Iraq; not in the way you would expect, but from the silent killer, DVT.

Stress Picture - LocateADoc.comYour immune system is literally your safeguard of life. A compromised immune system turns fatal in a very short time. Here are some ways to give your immune system a good boost.

The rumor mill is bustling about actor Tom Cruise’s puffy appearance at a recent awards event in London. Many have long suspected the 50-year-old has maintained his youthful looks with the help of cosmetic surgery procedures. But this most recent change in his face suggests even mega-stars can end up with less than optimal cosmetic surgery results.

Depression is a common disorder in pregnant women. Once diagnosed, it is managed promptly and with careful consideration of the effects of medications on the pregnancy. There are prescription medications called antidepressants that are used to treat this condition; however, these are not recommended for everybody.

Mothers often get more attention after childbirth and it is easy to understand why. Postpartum disorders are common among mothers. Additionally, the delivery can be physically and emotionally distressful. However, fathers should not be left out of the picture.